Profile Projector Model JT12A-B

Model :JT 12A-B



Ø300 Digital Profile Projector


This Digital Profile Projector can effectively test several of work-pieces with complex shapes, such as templates punching pieces, cams, gears, threads by profile comparative and coordinates measuring ways

It is widely used in different measuring departments and inspection stations of following industries: machinery, watch-making, electron, instrument & meter, science & research institute, etc, including space-flight & aviation industry.

jt12a-bproduct features

• Two-kinds of illumination (high and low level) can meet the measuring requirements of various work pieces
• Non-spherical surface illumination system is processed by special technique which makes view field be symmetrical & clear and guarantee a higher accuracy
• Axial flow fans heat are used for a strong dissipation efficiency, this is incomparable in analogy products
• Small bulk, low weight, so it’s very easy to move around
• Long-life illuminating bulb can meet long time purposes
• It is equipped with various accessories,

multi-functional counter and mini-printer
• Surface illumination system can be adjusted conveniently, so it is stable and reliable and operation is also comfortable
• Workable base adopts front-door design so maintenance is more convenient



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