Model : 9141


Dry-Well Calibrator

Brand Hart Scientific

Model : 9141

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Here is an upright unit you are going to love. It does calibrations up to 650 C, weighs only eight pounds, and heats up to 650 C in only 12 minutes! This dry-well does everything butget legs and walk to the job for you. This four-inch-wide dry-well is amazing. You can control all functions from the front panel or hook it up to your PC with its built-in RS-232 port.


Lightweight and very portable

Accuracy to +/-0.25 C

RS-232 and Interface-it software included

Easy to recalibrate

The dry-well calibrator features:

-Rapid heating and cooling

-Interchangeable multiple hole probe sleeves

-Convenient handle

-RS-232 interface

-Switchable AC Input (115 VAC or 230 VAC)

Built in programmable features include:

-Temperature scan rate control

-Temperature switch hold

-Eight Setpoint memory

-Adjustable readout in C or F

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